Comics Panels at the EADO


Comics Panels at the EADO is a proposal aimed at sharing, showcasing and promoting the world of comics as a cultural and social manifestation from the Dionisio Ortiz Art School in Córdoba.

The evolution of this medium demands a meeting beyond the lamp and bedside table, and the enrichment of the main agents involved in it – those who produce and those who read. A time and place that allows for synergies, feedback, and the expansion or deepening, from knowledge, of the possibilities of comics and, therefore, of culture in general.


Social issues, as a broad focus for generating cultural proposals around reality (or around that ‘other reality’ that is more or less close, more or less evident), is one of the major themes (almost a genre) of contemporary cultural production.

In this first edition of Comics Panels at the EADO, we wanted to choose a unifying concept that would participate in the registration and communication of what is close, common, relevant, and, sometimes, hidden.

Comics, due to their popular condition (reality and everyday life), are a more than suitable medium for social issues; in fact – and there is no doubt about it – one can speak of ‘social comics‘ as a genre. Proof of this is that today we find a large number of comics about historical memory, feminism, inequalities, criticism of ‘the established’ or other aspects in the field of social relations with great artistic and literary quality, the result of the work of authors who enjoy well-deserved recognition, which is an indicator of the rise of a type of comic that addresses social issues.


Thursday, March 9th


Opening ceremony of Comics Panels at the EADO

Carriage courtyard // EADO


Brieva conference, OTRO MUNDO comic strips by Miguel Brieva

Emilio Serrano Room // EADO


Presentation of the comic Lache by AnaSabe (its author) and Andrés G. Leiva

Crash! Comics


Roundtable on Social Issues in Comics with Miguel Brieva, Gabriel Soriano (Crash!), AnaSabe, Cristina Durán, Miguel Á. Giner Bou, and Héloïse Guerrier (Astiberri Ediciones); moderated by Andrés G. Leiva

Crash! Comics


Book signings by authors

Crash! Comics

Friday, March 10th


Master Class: The Making of a Social Graphic Novel by Cristina Durán and Miguel Á. Giner Bou (approx. 3 hours)

Emilio Serrano Room // EADO



Community lunch and exchange of ideas

Juan 23 Cultural Circle

diptico viñetas


Activity programmed as teacher training (CEP 231408GE095). Limited available places.

Free entry until capacity is reached. Availability of capacity can be checked at

Crash! Comics


EADO: Agustín Moreno Street, 45

Crash! Comics: Duque de Fernán Núñez Street, 2

Círculo Cultural Juan 23: La Palma Street, 2

Speakers and activities

Miguel Brieva

Miguel Brieva (Seville, 1974) has become, by his own merits, one of the most important comic book artists of recent times, and certainly one of the fiercest critics of current society that we can find in bookstores. His albums are distributed under a Creative Commons license, which is not surprising for someone who, in his comics, dissects capitalism in all its forms. His works Welcome to the World, Clismón Universal Encyclopedia, Money, and The Other World can be found in any bookstore. His work is already in the hands of one of the largest European publishers, Mondadori, although he began in comics through self-publishing.

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Ana Sabe (Ana Isabel Martínez Cabeza de Vaca. Madrid, 1971) has worked as an educator and teacher in the field of social education for over two decades. A fan of graphic storytelling since childhood, she studied the higher degree in Illustration at the Mateo Inurria School of Art in Córdoba, developing various illustration projects for social collectives and initiatives. Lache, a compilation of first-person experiences inspired by the classic Spanish comic TBO, represents her first printed work.

0 B FOTO Miguel-Brieva

Gabriel Soriano

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0 B FOTO Miguel-Brieva

Cristina Durán y Miguel Á. Giner Bou

Born in Valencia in 1970, Cristina Durán Costell graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia. During her university years, she was part of the Equipo Grúa, the creator of the fanzine No Aparcar Llamo GRUA. She is a member of AC (Collective of Women Comic Artists). Since 1993, she has been professionally dedicated to illustration and comics in her studio, LaGRUAestudio, which she shares with Giner Bou.

Also from Valencia, Miguel Ángel Bou (Benetússer, 1969) graduated in Drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts San Carlos in Valencia. He combines creative production, which he develops with Durán, with teaching and is president of the Professional Association of Illustrators of Valencia (APIV). At LaGRUAestudio, he is also a screenwriter in addition to being an illustrator.

Since they published their first comic, Una posibilidad (Astiberri Ediciones), in which they talk about their experience as parents of a girl with cerebral palsy and the process of adopting their second daughter, they have specialized in works with a marked activist and social component. Even in commissioned works, both in comics and illustration, they always try to make visible issues such as equality, equity, solidarity, functional diversity, adoption, cooperation, sorority, animal welfare, graphic medicine or social denunciation.

For their comic El día 3 (Astiberri Ediciones), made in collaboration with journalist Laura Ballester, they received several awards, including the National Comic Prize 2019, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain.

Miguel Ángel is also a professor of script and narrative in the Master’s Degree in Design and Illustration at the UPV and editorial director of Andana Gráfica, the graphic novel line of Andana Editorial.

Description and concept:

This comic creation masterclass will provide many keys to be able to develop a social genre comic project, introducing participants to the visual languages ​​of comics, narrative resources, visual rhythms, or the choice and development of aesthetic proposals when telling a story through images.

Two sessions of the same will be held, the first for EADO students in the Comic cycle, and the second open to the participation of external people interested in storytelling, comics, and illustration, eager to learn how to tell a story that raises relevant social questions, shows the point of view of invisible collectives, and even provides solutions.

The session held at EADO will have a more practical focus given the profile of the participating people (Comic cycle students), while the one held in the yet to be determined space will have a more theoretical focus as it will be open to any type of audience.

Organizers and collaborators