Plastic Arts and Design is governed by the Ministry of Education (45%) and each Autonomous Community (55%). For this reason, validation of some modules or subjects must be requested from the Ministry of Education in Madrid, while other subjects depend on the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. In the case of the latter, these may be subjects in Vocational Training Courses that have also been studied at the Art School,in which case the centre validates them.

Modules that can be validated must be at the same or a higher level to be considered. This means that if a student is enrolled in subjects in Advanced Vocational Training Courses, these cannot be validated by Intermediate Vocational Training Course subjects, while the reverse is true.

Module validation applications must be submitted by the student to the corresponding institution for each particular case before 31 December of each academic year.

  • Module validations by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Madrid):

If the student has studied for other qualifications that are not in Plastic Arts and Design, they must request the validation of modules from the minimum teaching requirements established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

  • Module validations by the Directorate General for Educational Planning (Seville):

The Directorate General will decide on the validation of other qualifications provided by students, such as Professional Training, degrees or university diplomas, as well as Plastic Arts and Design courses from other Autonomous Communities.

Students who voluntarily wish to study subjects in a newly introduced course that they have already passed in one of the expired qualifications that have been deemed equivalent must study the new course in its entirety, as the procedure for validating studies will not be applicable. The Department of Education will decide on the newly introduced courses referred to in this section.

  • Validation of modules by the school:

Following the instructions sent by the Directorate General of Educational Planning each year, in accordance with the provisions of the different orders that govern the syllabuses of each training course.

Requests for exemption from the internship in a company, studio or workshop module will be decided by the department of the corresponding occupational category, in accordance with the provisions of its governing regulations.

The centre will inform students in writing when a decision has been made regarding any corresponding validations; from this moment onwards the new status will be recorded in Seneca and the student will lose their right to attend the validated module.

Decisions regarding validations by the General Directorate of Educational Organisation and the Ministry of Education will be communicated directly to students by these institutions and will not become effective until the student submits the relevant document to the Secretary’s Office.

The Annex contains a table showing the studies offered by the centre that can be validated. (to be included)

There are therefore three ways of validating modules or subjects.

Other procedures

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